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How to Make a team

We get the looks we get because we play a college style game. We recruit players the same way. 

The team selection process is carried out by the Team Intensity recruiting and coaching staff. We do things different here, which works out better for you and your athlete throughout the season. Team Intensity does not waste your money with tryouts, when we know what we are looking for. Your athlete will be invited to a workout/ open gym and evaluated for placement. Call/ text/ email Coach Gregory directly or fill out our registration form if you are interested in having a true basketball experience for you and your athlete this season where she will actually enjoy the coaching and develop what she needs to develop individually as a basketball player.

Coach K's Top 20 Players
(2 Years+)
Looking to Coach?  Call Coach K  at 703-798-1176 or email us at for more details!!
7th- 9th Grade Boys Teams Forming for
JR NBA World Championships

If you are looking for a team that will boost your prestige and get you noticed on a National circuit, contact us right now! We have teams from Southern MD, DC, and Northern VA forming now! If interested, call us at 703-798-1176 or email

2021 National Teams

First and foremost...we shoot! Coach K has had several recruits  going to college just to be a roll playing knock down 3 point shooter, and for some, a prominent scorer or defensive player. In preparing for college, your shot must be tight, your mind must be right, and your  body MUST be  both!! We show you how to be strong, healthy, and smart enough defensively and offensively that this is a priority and a skill set. He is dedicated to building players that  are highly aggressive defensively, by using more of their IQ than athleticism. Looking for a program that will get you ready to play college level basketball? We will sync you with the right programs that meet the style of ball, level of play, and academic balance that fits you as an athlete and student.
Everyone isn't meant to play D1. It's a rigorous schedule, and takes a certain type of mindset and dedication.  So does D2. We make our athletes aware of the commitment truly needed and take them through that level of workout. We fit athletes with the best fit for their future , while preparing them to compete on a level that they have options.  We will personalize your recruiting experience, and work with each player individually. Most girls don't truly realize where they truly want to play until their Junior year. Don't wait that long to find your school or the best fit for you.



Maryland Girls
Team Intensity

Northern Virginia 



West Virginia


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