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2019 Team Intensity Girls


Referral Discount- You will receive a $50 discount/player for each athlete we scout, invite, and rosters onto an Intensity team!


2019  10U-17U Registration

  • This is an extremely important season for most of our athletes, so I am already in deep preparation for next season. Every season has been better administratively, but there are so many important events to attend, gear, and hotels to arrange, we are going to make next season as inexpensive as possible.We have the type of team and players to be one of the top 10 teams in the tri state. We will be able to compete. The National teams will do heavy travelling. Heavy meaning 5-7 travel/ Live period events. 


If you have been offered an invitation, you have the information. If interested in playing on one of our HS teams, please contact Coach Gregory.

PAY 2 PLAY REGISTRATION (No refunds for P2P registration)

(only 3 P2P players per team)

This registration is for athletes playing 2 or more sports, can't make travel events, or can only make some events. (P2P) players are required to attend 5 events, at least 1 being a National event. (P2P) players will pay a $250 registration fee to cover gym and uniforms, and choose their mandatory 5 events upon registration. They are more than welcome to play in more than 5 events. No team will have more than 3 (P2P)players. Sneakers and Jacket are NOT included in this option. 



This is the season where most of the development for the year will happen through higher levels of competition from Showcases, tournaments, AAU Districts and Qualifiers.


This is the midst of the College live period of recruiting season and National/Showcase events. In this season, our girls work and master new moves and confidence to use their new talents in NCAA and National events.

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